5 Hamstring Exercises For Amazing Legs

Is it leg day already? Check out these 5 hamstring exercises for amazing legs!

Do not skip leg day. Although people tend to give more importance to their upper body, if you have weaknesses in your lower body, you will suffer in the long run. And while the quads get all the glory, you should also focus some exercises on your hamstrings.

These are 5 hamstring exercises for amazing legs according to Erin Stern, a bodybuilder who won the IFBB 14x and has been named Ms Figure Olympia twice. Her video explaining her favourite hamstring exercises was featured on Critical Bench, a website focused on health and strength that delivers many tips on how to get stronger, fitter and healthier. Their YouTube channel has more than 1 million subscribers.

See below Stern’s 5 hamstring exercises for amazing legs.

5 Hamstring Exercises For Amazing LegsSource: Depositphotos / CrossFit Inc

5 Hamstring Exercises For Amazing Legs

1. B-Stand RDL

Begin this Romanian deadlift variation with your leg that is not dominant – this will dictate how many reps you should be doing on the dominant side.

Keep one knee soft, or not locked out, and keep your back straight while you are deadlifting your dumbbells. The tempo should be slow and even to help you with the mind-muscle connection.

2. Sliding Floor Curl

This exercise will use your body weight to improve your hamstring strength. All you need is a towel, a piece of paper or furniture movers, and a floor that is easy to slide on.

Begin in a bridge position, the focus on bringing your heels toward your glutes without touching the floor with your back, maintaining a reverse plank position with a straight spine.

3. Nordic Curl

According to Stern, this is the number one exercise for hamstring hypertrophy and that is why it is featured in her list of 5 exercises for amazing legs.

The Nordic curls set-up is quite easy, you just need a place or someone to hold your legs while you are in a dorsiflexed position to take your calves out of the equation.

Try to lower your body slowly to the ground. This is a killer exercise for your hamstrings.

4. Hanging Dumbbell Leg Curl

As the name suggests, you will be curling a dumbbell but with your feet while hanging from a pull-up bar.

Although it might sound easy, go light on this exercise as you will soon find out how challenging it can be.

5. Reverse Hyper Extension

If you don’t have access to a reverse extension machine, you can use an adjustable bench, a Swiss ball or even your couch.

“In this exercise, you really want to focus on pushing your hip bones into the pad and bringing your legs up as evenly as possible,” Stern explains.

And those were Stern’s 5 hamstring exercises for amazing legs. Are you going to try one of them next time on your leg day?

If you don’t know how to perform one or more of these movements, click on the video below.

VIDEO – 5 Hamstring Exercises For Amazing Legs

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